1. Can you identify the focal point?
  2. Are the points of interest in the Golden Mean?
  3. Can your dark values be darker?
  4. Can your light values be lighter?
  5. Is there enough contrast in values or colors to make the painting interesting?
  6. Do you see a repetition of shape?
  7. Have you established a mood or emotion in the painting?
  8. What objects can be omitted in your painting to create a more pleasing composition?
  9. Do you need to simplify shapes?
  10. Where can you add detail?
  11. What objects, shapes or colors do you need to add to make the painting more appealing?
  12. What colors will you use to make the painting “pop?”
  13. Is your painting believable?

These are questions you should be asking yourself every time you sit down at your easel. In order to produce the finest quality art, you should know and understand the process of creating a masterful piece of work. Make sure that you have put forth every effort in giving your painting the best you have to offer.

Print a copy of these questions and paste them on your easel next to your painting . Be a critical learner and learn as much as you can from each painting.

Happy Painting!