Step 1

Place a clean acetate over the original image. Trace the basic shapes and shadows to ensure accuracy in your drawing

StepĀ 2

Turn the image over and add graphic lines. Starting from corner to corner. Side to side and then top to bottom.

Step 3

Complete your drawing in charcoal in order to clarify. Understand the values and their placement.

Step 4

Begin by adding basic tones of color to the canvas

Step 5

Recognize that everything will change as you continue painting and see more details and how colors will become more unified throughout the painting.

Step 6

Focus on getting the pure colors in place. Make sure that your shapes are accurate and the values that are in the painting enhances each object.

Step 7

Is is very important to critically look at your painting to determine where you need more lights and darks. Adding details becomes a vital part of a successful painting.

Step 8

The final painting shows strong contrast in warm and cool colors. Additionally, there is an effective use of lights and darks to enhance specific items in the painting.