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Glazing - The Set Up

  • I.Jars

    • A.Why white jars?
    • The whiteness of the jars can help you to identify the transparency of the glaze more effectively.
    • B.Where can I buy them?
    • Beauty supply stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, on-line (yes, on-line) check for expensive food items at the grocery store that are in small glass jars
    • C.What types of jars can I use?
      • Plastic vitamin bottles are usually white
      • Small baby food jars are perfect - spray paint the OUTSIDE of the jar white
      • Beauty supply stores carry a variety of white jars
      • Glass spice bottles - spray paint the OUTSIDE of the jar white
      • DO NOT use small white plastic cups if you want to save the glaze
  • II.Turpentine - oderless turpenoid or turpentine as more environmentally safe
  • III.Medium - Stick with the same medium formula for each painting. Do not intermix mediums between layers.
  • IV.Paper Towels
  • V.Brushes

  • Sable brushes or white soft bristle brushes. Soft brushes work the very best and provide a more even appearance.
  • VI.Paint - transparent colors

  • Lay out your colors in advance. It is always to your advantage to have a clear understanding of your color scheme. This will help you to save time and avoid errors.