Viewing a Landscape

What questions should you ask yourself as you are painting a landscape? How do I make the contrast better? Are there colors that would enrich the painting? Where do I want to include softness? Which parts of the painting needs to have sharp edges to emphasize the trees or grass? Is the water truly reflective [...]

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Think! Think! Think!

Can you identify the focal point? Are the points of interest in the Golden Mean? Can your dark values be darker? Can your light values be lighter? Is there enough contrast in values or colors to make the painting interesting? Do you see a repetition of shape? Have you established a mood or emotion in [...]

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Starting an In-Home Art Library

The secret is knowing where to look, what to look for and having the time to find it. By Carol E. Merrill How in the world did one woman, with a limited budget create one of the largest in-home art libraries in the state of Utah? There is no doubt that it started with a [...]

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Glazing – The Set Up

Jars A.Why white jars? The whiteness of the jars can help you to identify the transparency of the glaze more effectively. B.Where can I buy them? Beauty supply stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, on-line (yes, on-line) check for expensive food items at the grocery store that are in small glass jars C.What types of jars can [...]

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Step by step guide on how to glaze

Make sure that the surface of your canvas is free of lint. Measure small amounts of medium into each jar – it is easier and less expensive to add more medium to a mixture than it is to add more paint until your obtain the desired consistency Set out all of the tubes of paint [...]

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How did you do that?

Focusing on the basic shapes Adding color and positioning shapes Adding more dark greens in the field Emphasizing the bright golds Final touches [...]

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Plein Air Painting – Painting on Location

Step 1 Complete a quick oil sketch of the basic shapes Step 2 Determine where your strongest colors will be Step 3 Be very aware of the contrast in colors and values Step 4 It is intentional that the branches of the tree extend beyond the middle of the [...]

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Portrait Learning Guide

What can you learn from looking at a portrait painting As you view a portrait painting, look at the list of questions below and see if you are able to determine the answers to the questions. It is always a good idea to take a notebook with you when you visit a museum. Make your [...]

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Museum or Gallery Learning Guide

These questions are meant to help the viewer to understand and appreciate the quality or workmanship of a painting. The viewer can learn a great deal about composition, color, value, line and shape by being able to answer these questions for each painting that is seen in a museum or gallery. Where are the soft [...]

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Recreating a Classical Painting

Step 1 Place a clean acetate over the original image. Trace the basic shapes and shadows to ensure accuracy in your drawing Step 2 Turn the image over and add graphic lines. Starting from corner to corner. Side to side and then top to bottom. Step 3 Complete [...]

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