Painting by Colby

Advanced students are encouraged to complete a reproduction of a classical painting.  This will allow them to develop the necessary skills of seeing and interpreting values, before they learn to effectively match the color of the original painting.

Reproduction of a Rembrandt painting by Colby using a classical technique

Supplies Needed

3 Flat Paint Brushes
3 Filbert (round edge) Brushes
2 Round (detail) Brushes
Palette Knife for mixing
ODORLESS Turpenoid
Paper Towels
Canvas size of your choice (16 x 20 is a good size for a first painting)
Charcoal pencil (General Brand)
Mars Black
Chromium Oxide Green
Flake White
Cadmium Red Light

A whole new world opened up for me when I discovered the “verdaccio” technique.  I had no clue until attending your class, how the master’s painted their art work.  Now I appreciate their work so much more.  Thank you, Carol!  Gloria

“This class will teach you all you need to know to improve your skills in drawing, painting and in art overall.”  Colby